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Multi-Ethnic Reconciliation

“With the compassion of Christ, the wisdom from God’s Word, humility, repentance, love and grace… I want to seek to understand someone who has had a different experience than me. And I want that understanding to move me to God-honoring actions that help create change. Let the first change be in me.”

Lysa TerKeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries


As people of God, we should be marked by our Christ-like kindness, compassion and action. It’s not just a change in our thoughts but also in our words and our actions to better reflect biblical unity amongst all people.

Christ never met us in the middle, withholding mercy until we met Him halfway. He went the entire way for us. For you. For me.⁣ ⁣

Knowing this, we have the ability to shift our perspective to what the Lord has done for us, compelling us to be active in our response to go all the way in helping our hurting brothers and sisters. Friend, we cannot be passive in our expression of mercy or compassion. We must be active - searching for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. ⁣

We believe in order to make a true and lasting change, we must first seek to understand. So, a few members of our staff compiled the following resources in an effort to provide a trusted place to start.

But friends, we don’t want to only seek to understand. We want fresh understanding to lead to compassion, for compassion to lead to heart-change, for heart-change to lead to home change, for home change to lead to lasting changes in our communities, nation and world.

If any change will be lasting, though, it will be because it’s first based on the biblical Truth we can find only in God’s Word. The Bible is the ultimate resource we can use to prayerfully filter what we’re learning as we ask the Lord to search our hearts (Psalm 139:23-24). We believe only true repentance for what we’ve gotten wrong, humility to not be defensive, living out Biblical wisdom, and the pursuit of authentic relationships with all people made in the image of God will bring about godly actions that result in the lasting change we so desperately need.

We pray these resources are helpful to you, friend.

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To read a statement from the ministry on racism, click here.

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