10 Prayers for Your Son or Daughter

Last fall, my middle daughter Ashley went off to college, and while she’s always excelled academically, the same couldn’t be said for her spiritual life. 

As her mom, my heart broke over her struggle in her relationship with the Lord. I just couldn’t understand it — she grew up in church, learned Bible lessons and saw my husband Art and me read Scripture each day. 

Honestly, I was worried she’d get off track when we sent her to school. So I did what any mama would do. I went to God and said, “Lord, I know you’re busy so I figured it all out myself. Here’s my plan for Ashley -- and if you’ll just bless it and not mess with it, everything will work out.”

But the Lord did what He always does and after my plans fell through, He showed me that His plans were better. 

I prayed a LOT during this tough season and not only did I see a complete change in my girl, but it also strengthened the connection between my heart and God’s.

If you can relate to making suggestions to God like I did, I’ve put together “10 Prayers for Your Daughter” and “10 Prayers for Your Son” to help you in your journey of learning to trust the Lord with your kids. 

Praying for you as you pray for your child,

Lysa TerKeurst and the Proverbs 31 Ministries Team

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