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Sharon Glasgow is an international speaker, business owner, writer, wife, mother of 5 daughters, grammy to ten grandchildren, and lover of Jesus! Her messages compel audiences to live fully in the power of Christ. She believes and lives “Nothing is Impossible for God” her audiences leave events with faith charged to believe this paramount truth. She is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaking team. She has also contributed to several books including, Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, Encouragement for Today, God’s Purpose for Every Woman, For the Write Reason, and The Reason We Speak.

Her and her husband Dale live on an organic farm in Fredericksburg, VA. Their barn is a highly sought after wedding venue, they minister to thousands every year on the farm. She’s also a nutritionist and leads workshops on Living Healthy.

You can find out more about Sharon on her blog at www.sharonglasgow.com

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Speaking Topics

  • Sharon uses humor and spiritual depth in the relevant message of trying to live the life of a superwoman, yet with sloboholic lives! Most women in our culture are struggling with how to maintain the family, the cyclone house, a job, money and balancing a personal relationship with Christ. This is a great retreat about finding spiritual balance in a superwoman society.

  • Get ready for unleashed joy! Sharon leads the audience to see how God equips us to experience joy in the middle of the most trying days. Deep unshakable joy is missing in the vast majority of people today, because most are looking in all the wrong places.

  • Sharon uses biblical and personal experiences to teach how God speaks to us today. She leads her audience to understand how God prepares and empowers ordinary people for extraordinary living.

  • Are the battles crushing you? Do you feel imprisoned by your circumstances? God gives us the victory plan all through his Word. Get ready for the party ladies because that’s exactly what Jehoshaphat, the people of Judah and the Hebrews did, just to name a few! They celebrated victory at the beginning of the worst battles.

  • Sharon uses the friendship of Jonathan and David to set the tone for the retreat. Jonathan was a powerful servant of God. He was a spokesman, a gift bearer, an encourager and a self-sacrificing faithful friend. Are you a faithful friend, a messenger of God?

  • Do you have people that drive you crazy? Join Sharon as she teaches you how to understand the different personalities and why they do the things they do! You will learn how to improve your relationships and be able to recognize your own weaknesses.

  • A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A woman’s attitude is the barometer of the home! Our attitude can make or break everyone who walks into our home. God has the prescription for attitude disorders of the soul and mind. Sharon uses humor and spiritual depth from God’s Word in this relevant topic of learning to control your attitude!

  • What legacy are you creating in your home for your children to pass on for generations to come? Sharon helps audiences see the crucial need for a passionate marriage, and how the marital relationship factors into every fiber of the home’s success. She gives excellent advice on how to raise godly children and suggests creative ideas for family traditions. Most importantly, she leads audiences to witness the emphasis of God in the home, from her family experiences and the Word. Sharon motivates parents to rise to the high calling of parenting and triumph over the hardships that is brings.

  • Sharon teaches youth groups the biblical truths about spiritual war. She instructs how to use the weapons that God has issued every believer. This is a revival for our youth to be strengthened in their salvation, and in their faith, so that when the wiles of the enemy start to shake their foundation, they will be secure in whom they trust. The audience will also come away with a biblical understanding of who ghosts are, what happens when you dabble in the enemy’s territory, what God says about magic, mediums, astrology and much more. This is a dynamic weekend event. Camouflage tee shirts with boot camp logo are available.

  • Soul mates share dreams and help each other to achieve them. They put themselves last and give 100%. They do good for the other at all cost, and their relationship lacks for nothing. Inmates dwell in the same prison cell with the hope of freedom one day. . . Is your marriage one that you want duplicated by your children? Would you want you’re your marriage duplicated by your children? Sharon challenges her audiences to a deeper relationship with their soul mates.

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What Others Are Saying About Sharon

“Sharon Glasgow exudes energy and a strong stage presence in front of her audience. She is one of the best storytellers I’ve ever heard! I strongly recommend Sharon as a speaker for any even that wants lives to be radically changed. Her faith is strong in the Lord, and it is evident that He is her passion!”
— Florence Littauer, Speaker and Author

“Sharon is a gifted speaker and a dynamic Christian. She has a great sense of humor that radiates as she speaks. She has wonderful insights into God’s Word and makes application of Biblical truths to her audience.”
— Dick Harmon, Pastor, Mount Ararat Church