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Giving Others What We Need

December 15, 2017
5 Habits Online Bible Study

Hey, OBS! I hope you’re loving this study as much as I am!

I love how the 5 Habits are practical, yet take us to a deeper level of commitment. And something I’ve learned that I think you might find helpful, too, is that it’s okay to move on to the next habit EVEN IF you don’t feel like you’ve mastered the previous one. These habits aren’t meant to be grasped overnight. They are to be continually practiced!

So, let’s move on, shall we?

Habit Four: She gives others what she needs.

I love this one because I may not know what you need, but I for sure know what I need. When I focus on giving others what I need, it opens me up to a brand new perspective on giving. It also helps me appreciate what I have.

To help bring this habit to real life application, let’s check out this week’s video on the Fixer-Upper Farm.

If you can’t view the video above, watch it here on YouTube.

This week’s verse offers us the reason this week’s habit is so important.

You see, what you give will be returned. The Lord sees our generosity and when we give what we need, we will also receive what we need.

Now that we’ve seen Habit Four, our weekly video and our Bible verse, it’s time to get started. Here’s your Weekly Lowdown with everything you need for this week of study:

Weekly Lowdown

Who loves our leaders for this study?! I know I do! In the video, you may have noticed I said Katrina Wylie would be leading on the blog, but we get to hear from her in Week 5 – yay! Instead, Missy Pettigrew will be leading us! We are so blessed to have such dedicated women leading us through our #5HabitsBook OBS. Here are this week’s amazing leaders!

Reflect and Respond:

Observe — The Quit Coach shared some ways we can be emotionally generous this week. Which of them will you implement?
Bible — Look up Luke 6:38 in your Bible. In your own words, write out what this verse means and how you can apply it.
Stretch — Are you emotionally generous? Answer the questions on p. 135-136 to find out if this is an area that comes naturally to you or is an area where you have room to grow.

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