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Embracing Our Life

September 29, 2017

Brenda Earley back with you as your study leader for Week 3!

How are you doing so far? I know we've learned many truths and sometimes our brain is on overload, but let's not stress. Let's relax, take a deep breath and keep going!

And while we're at it, since we're going to be learning a bit about how joy can help us embrace our life this week, why not begin by putting a little J.O.Y. in our step? Do you know what J.O.Y. stands for?


Isn't that easy to remember? And because it's easy to remember, let's apply it to all we need to get started this week.

Let's spend some time with Jesus, embracing the Word while we learn to embrace our life. In our Bible study this week, Melissa Taylor shares a great way for us to "take a break" while quietly listening for His voice. I know I need a break sometimes; what about you? Check out the Week 3 section in the download below when you're ready.

Bible Study

I'm wondering what our other friends, Betty Bummer and Worthy Wanda, are doing this week, aren't you? Do you think Betty Bummer is closer to believing she is worthy? Let's check it out and see.

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Don't ya think Betty Bummer looks mighty pretty? And do you know what else? I'm anticipating a worthy change in Betty Bummer soon. We do have three more weeks. #RealHope!

And let's not forget our Study Companion You'll find everything you need right at your fingertips to be in the know for the week. And you don't want to miss those beautiful Facebook cover photos of our VOW! Check those out to use too!

Study Companion

There. Now that we have some J.O.Y. in our step to begin Week 3, are you ready to continue on this journey of rescuing the girl within? I know I am!

Looking forward to embracing life with you!


Reflect and Respond:

In today's video, did you notice something different about Betty Bummer? What's one thing you can do differently this week to add some J.O.Y. to your step?

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