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In Pursuit of the Answer

September 29, 2017

Brenda here to finish Week 3 with you! But before saying goodbye to this week, there's one thing I'd like to share.

Several weeks ago, my son came to me to ask some questions about school and life in general. Right now, he's in "high school senior world" with lots of questions and no exact answers.

Do you ever find yourself in that place of having a lot of questions with no answers? Or maybe, like me, wanting to know ALL the answers ... NOW! Well, did you catch what Chrystal Evans Hurst says in Chapter 15 of #ShesStillThere?

"Your job is not to find the answer that leads to a master plan or purpose. Your job is to move forward as you become aware of an answer you can act on. You must accept an answer as part of the process to getting to the answer." (emphasis added)

Wow, that's a helpful reminder! Just knowing we don't have to know all the answers brings some relief, doesn't it?

So, back to my son's questions for a minute. We decided to seek God one prayer at a time. And then trust Him to provide one answer at a time, knowing that by seeking and following Him every step of the way, we'll eventually find the answer. It's like Chrystal also says in Chapter 15:

"And because God made you in His image, the more you seek Him as the ultimate answer, the more you will find out about yourself and the answers you seek for your life."

Friend, rescuing the girl within starts by seeking God daily in pursuit of the answer. It's part of the journey to embracing the life He's planned for us. The question is, will you start?


Reflect and Respond:

How can seeking God daily help you move toward the answer for the girl inside you? What does seeking God daily look like for you?

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