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Practice Your Words

October 2, 2017

Hey friend! I've been anticipating this day all week! In our first post this week, we had some F-U-N, but today it's time for "cheer practice."

"Cheer practice," really? Yes, without practice we'll never W-I-N, right? So, let's learn how we can practice our words to combat our thoughts and feelings, because we want to rescue the girl inside us, ok?

In Chapter 23 of #ShesStillThere, Chrystal Evans Hurst emphasizes:

"Your thoughts permeate your heart and soul and then overflow in what you do. How and what you think affects how you live!"

She's Still There

Our feelings and thoughts can play tricks on us, don't you think? Feeling unloved, abandoned, unworthy, not so beautiful — these feelings turn into thoughts. And our thoughts become lies we repeat to ourselves. It can become a never-ending cycle of defeat!

But because our thoughts and feelings affect our life, we need to tackle them before that happens. We need to tackle them so we can have V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! To achieve this goal, Chrystal tells us what we need to do in Chapter 22:

"Silence the negative self-talk. The girl in you needs to hear that you believe in her. Affirm who you are, whose you are, and what is possible. Fight for you." (emphasis added)

So, how do we silence this "self-talk"? We "cheer" ourselves to victory by using God's Word to speak truth! And to help us begin to do that right now, here are a few "lies" and the "truths" we can speak instead:

  • I'm unloved ... God loves me so much He died for me. (John 3:16)
  • I'm abandoned ... God will never leave me nor forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5)
  • I'm unworthy ... God says you're precious to Me. (Isaiah 43:4)
  • I'm not beautiful ... God says you're altogether beautiful. (Song of Solomon 4:7)

Yes, our words matter. God's words matter. They matter because the girl inside of us needs to hear and believe she matters! So let's practice speaking God's words over our lives, shall we?

Your cheer coach,

Reflect and Respond:

Using the examples listed above as your guide, what's one "lie" you're battling today and one "truth" you can speak over it?

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