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The Leaky Cup

September 19, 2017

Hello there, friend! I can’t wait to dive in with you today as we wrap up Week 1 of our #UninvitedBook study!

I’m one of those people who’s totally OK without water until the second it’s not available — then I’m suddenly parched. Can you relate?

So, I place a cup of water on my nightstand before going to bed each night. You know. Just in case.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally overfilled my cup a bit, and as I was carrying it from the kitchen, water sloshed over the side. I adjusted my grip to wipe the liquid from the cup, only to have it then slosh over the OTHER side ... let’s just say this process may have repeated itself several times while I was on the way to my bedroom.

While both annoying (at the time) and funny, it suddenly hit me what a perfect picture this is of what Lysa TerKeurst writes about in Chapter 3 of Uninvited — living full of God’s love. That’s where we learn: Whatever we’re full of is what will come out of us.

Are feelings of rejection and loneliness filling you up? I know when life “bumps up against me” (as it often tends to do), those feelings come oozing out in thoughts such as, “I’m not good enough ... I don’t belong ... No one cares about me.”

But if we allow ourselves to be filled with the goodness of God and His never ending love for us, do you know what comes out instead? Grace. Mercy. Peace. Love. Joy. We won’t find ourselves craving the acceptance of others because we’ll know we’ve already been fully accepted and fully loved by the God who created us. As Lysa says,

“God’s love isn’t based on me. It’s simply placed on me. And it’s the place from which I should live ... loved.”


And just like that cup of water needs to be refilled daily, so do our hearts. If the wrong kind of stuff leaks out, then the wrong kind of stuff has been filling them up. I’m so thankful for the reminder to slow down and be intentional about spending time with God and allowing HIM to fill those desperately empty places inside our souls with all the good stuff He has to offer. Otherwise, the world will fill them up — with everything BUT good stuff.

So the question is, what’s filling YOU up today?

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Reflect and Respond:

Observe — What kind of stuff tends to come out when your life gets tough?
BiblePhilippians 4:8 gives us great advice on where best to park our minds. How can following this wisdom from God’s Word help you to “live loved”?
Stretch — What’s one thing you’ll do today to help fill your heart with the right kind of stuff?

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