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When Rejection Isn’t Just an Emotion

September 19, 2017

Patterns — they’re everywhere! From the changing of the seasons, to the math I’ve been painstakingly helping my daughter grasp, to our everyday tasks that become routine. But what about when it comes to rejection — does it have a pattern, too?

I didn’t used to think so.

For me, each new rejection has always felt like just that. Brand new … fresh, raw, random and often unexpected with no recognizable repetition … until I read the first chapter of Uninvited.

In Chapter 1, Lysa TerKeurst refers to a person’s harsh words of rejection as a “line” spoken. And she explains how that line of rejection can lead to a label we receive, resulting in a lie we believe, becoming a liability in how we:

  • Think about ourselves
  • Interact in future relationships

Wow! There IS a pattern, even in rejection:

Line –> Label –> Lie –> Liability

In thinking back on past rejections, I can see this pattern play out. My soul connects deeply with the truth woven in Lysa’s words here:

“Rejection isn’t just an emotion we feel. It’s a message that’s sent to the core of who we are, causing us to believe lies about ourselves, others, and God.”

Did you catch the three potential places for lies to intertwine? Lies about:

  1. Ourselves
  2. Others
  3. God

Oh, how I need to remember this! To see where this pattern twists these lines, labels, lies and liabilities in my mind, knitting them into my heart.

Not only do I need to recognize this, but also alter it. To halt it at the lie and replace it with truths that lead to a new label and line ... of acceptance from God!

 Line (of rejection) –> Label –> Lie –> Liability Truth –> New Label –> Line (of acceptance)

Are you ready for that too?!

Well, the good news is, ALL throughout the #UninvitedBook, we’ve got a treasure trove of truths and application to overcome rejection coming our way. But today, there’s one simple, yet powerful tidbit from Chapter 1 I don’t want us to miss!

Check out this quick video I made about this “don’t miss tidbit” and a challenge I have for us! (Note: All of our YouTube videos are now closed captioned for the deaf/hard of hearing.

Get Instructions Here

If you can’t view the video above, watch here on YouTube.

So, do you accept the challenge? Let’s do this!


P.S. Still waiting on your book? Download the first three chapters for FREE:

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Reflect and Respond:

Observe — Do you tend to struggle most with believing lies about you, others or God?
Bible — Let’s collect some treasures! Read the 12 Bible verses used in this week’s chapters . Add the ones that “move you” to your “treasure trove.” Which one encourages you most and why?
Stretch — Reflect on a personal rejection. Referring to the example Lysa gives on page 8, work through the following in your P31 OBS Journal or notebook:
  • What’s the line of rejection?
  • What label has resulted?
  • What lie(s) have surfaced?
  • Has a liability occurred in how you think about yourself or interact in relationships?
  • What treasure(s) from Chapter 1 stuck to you?

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