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How to Get Beyond Brokenhearted

September 29, 2017

Have you ever felt ... broken?

Since we all live in this broken world, I’m going to venture your answer is yes. I know I sure have!

Join me in the video message below to tie in a lesson from Chapter 11 of Uninvited through a personal brokenness I’ve experienced.

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So, how do we get beyond brokenhearted? We find the answer in Chapter 11 ... We find it in our God ...

“We must praise God, seek God, look to God, fear God, learn from God, honor God, draw near to God, and take refuge in God.” — Lysa TerKeurst

What a beautiful “to-do list” when we’re feeling brokenhearted!

Are you allowing your feelings of rejection to draw you into that “to-do list” with God?

That answer would’ve been “no” for me for far too long. But eventually I did turn to God in those ways. And once I did? Wow, what a difference!

It’s been 7-1/2 years since the complicated birth of my daughter. And, looking back, I can clearly see that experience didn’t lead only to brokenness from feeling rejected by God. The path kept going. And once I was ready to keep walking that path, with God, it led me to a different kind of brokenness. A desperately-needed brokenness! The breaking of my self-strength and self-dependence.

I honestly don’t think I’d be here today without that breaking. It was THAT brokenness which led me to this “new here.” And can I just say THIS “here,” though far from perfect, is pretty stinkin’ cool. Because I’m closer to God, I’m stronger IN God — and I get to serve Him in amazing ways I’d only dreamed of, but never could’ve achieved or maintained on my own!

Yes, I NEEDED to be broken to get to this “here.”

But where is the new “here” God wants to lead YOU to through your brokenness? Are you ready to get beyond the panic, uncertainty and discouragement that comes with feeling brokenhearted from rejection — to let go of all the whys and lies and instead grab hold of our God?

The “new here” God has planned for you is worth it. YOU are worth it! So, like Lysa writes, I invite you today to:

“Hold fast to Jesus and remember: This breaking of you will be the making of you. A new you. A stronger you.”

Reflect and Respond:Uninvited

Observe — To help us practice seeking, looking, calling, experiencing, fearing, learning, honoring, drawing near and taking refuge in God, in Chapter 11, Lysa TerKeurst outlines “10 things to remember and proclaim.” Which of the 10 do you need to apply most?
Bible — Spend some time in Psalm 34. Which verse(s) speak the most to you?
Stretch — Use this printable PDF to work through, with God and in your journal, one or more of the 10 application steps listed there.

You’re Invited!
Have you signed up to partner with Mission India? It’s not too late! We invite you to help rejected women of India move beyond brokenhearted by signing up to pray for them here.

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