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I’m Not Listening

September 29, 2017

When you were little, did you ever stick your fingers in your ears and say, “La la la la, I’m not listening!”

That’s what I used to do when I didn’t want to hear something. It was a simple and silly, yet effective, way to tune out what I didn’t want to know.

I wish it could be that simple to tune out some of those negative feelings of rejection. While it may not be that simple, it is possible. And that’s what I’m talking about in today’s video — how the lies we believe about ourselves are not from God, and how we can overcome them with truth. Take a look:

*Note all our YouTube OBS videos are closed captioned for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.

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Reflect and Respond:

Observe — Take note of those words in your head that keep saying you are “rejected” or “less than.” When you realize they are becoming part of who you are, stop and say, “I’m not listening!”
Bible — Look up John 10:10 in your Bible. What does it say about why Jesus came? What do we get from Him that we can’t get anywhere else?
Stretch — Read the “Observe” question above. After you say, “I’m not listening,” find a promise from God’s Word to replace those words that aren’t true. (Hint: If you need a little help with this, check out Chapter 12 of Uninvited.)

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