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Staying in the Know for Your Uninvited OBS

September 29, 2017

Hi there! I’m so excited to be back with you to help us “stay in the know” for all things Week 3 of our Uninvited study!!

How are you doing so far? Are you keeping up?

If you’re behind at all, I want to encourage you with two things:

IT’S OK! We all tend to get a bit behind at times, so I promise you’re not alone.

  1. DON’T QUIT! Stick with it by sticking with us. In other words, go ahead and set aside whatever parts of Week 1 and 2 you missed, and then join us RIGHT HERE, where we are today. You can always come back to those missed parts when the study is over, or if you find extra time during the study.

So are you ready to do Week 3?!

Here’s this week’s video to get you started, where you’ll discover:

  • What “guarding your heart” with this week’s verse means
  • How to keep believing in your dreams when you’re experiencing rejection
  • Inspiration to “be a grace giver”
  • What’s in store for this week

To turn on closed captioning:

Get Instructions Here

If you can’t view the video above, watch here on YouTube.

And now you’re officially in the know!

To help you all week long, here’s your Weekly Lowdown with the daily breakdown to download, print and refer back to. But remember, this is your study. So stay in the know, but go with your flow by picking and choosing what works for YOU.

Weekly Lowdown

Alright, friend, let’s go!


Reflect and Respond:

Observe — With two weeks of study under your belt, reflect on how things are going. Do you need to make any adjustments in the ways, times and/or places you’re doing your study?
Bible — Our verse this week is Psalm 27:1.Write it out, taking some time to reflect and journal on the following: When it comes to rejection in friendships, who/what do you tend to ...
  • Look to, to be your “light”?
  • Turn to, to help “save” you from your circumstances?
Stretch — How’s your treasure collecting coming along? In today’s video, study leader Mari Taylor shared a treasure from Chapter 7 about “grace given.” Who do you need to be more of a “grace giver” with? Watch for opportunities this week to practice being a grace giver, and then journal your struggles and successes.

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