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What Will Be Your Focus?

October 2, 2017

Hi! Anna Currin here with you, one of your study leaders for Wait and See. I’m so excited to be wrapping up Week 1 with you, and what an awesome week it’s been!

I love capturing life and memories through the lens of my camera. One of the very first things I learned was that whatever I see through the window of my camera, I direct the lens, deciding exactly what I want to focus on. Our personal stories are similar, because we get to direct the “lens” of our lives too. WE decide what our focus will be.

As Wendy Pope shares in Chapter 1,

“If we want to be women who wait well, we will invite God to be part of the process at the beginning, setting our focus on the Lord, not that for which we are waiting.”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get distracted. My focus on God becomes blurred and I find myself focusing on whatever is going on in my life.

Can you relate?

Whether waiting in line, waiting for a miracle or waiting for an answer, do you ever find yourself giving more of your attention to your situation — rather than to God?

Adjusting our focus off our wait and onto Him, “the person of our faith,” is easier said than done, which is why I love a good visual reminder. Maybe you do, too?

Here’s my visual for this week. If you look below you’ll notice these two images are from the same spot. The difference? It’s what I focused my lens on. The focused part is clear, sharp and what immediately draws in your eye. The part that’s out of focus is blurred, more difficult to see and not what your eye is instantly drawn to.


In the first image, my lens focused on the mess of my dirty table, loads of paper and old milk. But amazingly, when I redirected the lens to our verse of the week, Isaiah 64:4, all the mess around me becomes blurred, out of focus and instead focused on His truth!

I know I’m refocusing my lens on His truth. What will be your focus?

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Reflect and Respond:

Observe — How does the fact that you get to choose what aspect of your life you focus on help you to change your perspective?
Bible — Read through Isaiah 64:4 again. How will God’s promise help you, like the Israelites, direct your focus on Him?
Stretch — Guess what? We have an amazing treat just for YOU. In the last study blog of every week, right here in the stretch section, you’ll find a special video message from author Wendy Pope to wrap up our week! Sometime before starting Week 2, carve out 5-10 minutes to watch the video below OR click here for just the audio. What’s one thing from Week 1 you’re taking and applying to your wait?

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

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