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When Waiting is Hard

October 2, 2017

Hey! I’m Nichole Stern, and I’m excited to be one of your study leaders for our Online Bible Study, Wait and See by the extraordinary Wendy Pope!

As excited as I am to study this book with you, I’m hesitant to share the object of my wait.

My wait is personal. It’s painful. And it’s just plain hard to talk about. But because God can use our stories to encourage others, I’m stepping out in faith to share a bit of mine with you.

My husband and I have been waiting over seven years for a child.

It’s so hard to see those words in black and white. Not just because they’re part of my story, but because I know there are many who could whisper a tearful “Me too!”

Perhaps it’s not a child you’re waiting on. Perhaps it’s something altogether different, but equally personal and painful.

My heart aches for all of us in the midst of painful seasons of waiting.

No matter the object of our wait, waiting is hard. It takes the most vulnerable parts of us and puts them to the ultimate test of trusting God with the desires of our hearts.

But as Wendy beautifully states in the introduction of Wait and See:

“As we wait, we find peace in God’s plans and hope in His pauses. Our focus moves from the object of our wait to the Person of our faith.”

I love this assurance that God is FOR us. It helps me remember we can trust Him with those vulnerable places that hold dreams we’ve never dared to share. And as we allow Him to have the deepest parts of our hearts, He moves us into a sweet place of trust where we begin to focus more on Him and less on the object of our wait.

Are you in the midst of waiting?

We look forward to joining arms with you through this study as we learn to find peace in the Wait and See seasons of our lives, and trust God with the object of our wait.


Reflect and Respond:

Observe — Since I’ve shared the object of my wait, what’s yours?
Bible — Read James 1:2-4 (MSG). How can focusing on allowing our trials to strengthen our faith help us wait well? What test or challenge might you be trying to get out of prematurely?
Stretch — Turn to Chapter 10 of Wait and See (p. 233 in the paperback). Wendy encourages us to write down our story there as we read each chapter. Respond today to the “Introduction” questions about your particular wait. Working through these as we read will help us apply what we’re learning through this study.

Don’t have a book yet? No worries, we have the first three chapters + intro for you below, AND we have books available for purchase from Proverbs 31 Ministries!

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