Get Past Your Past Scripture Cards

Get Past Your Past Scripture Cards

We all have things we can’t seem to get over.

You’ve listened to others’ advice. You’ve prayed for God to take them away. You've tried to heal but keep ending up in the same place.

I understand. I know what it’s like to need a little piece of hope to hold onto. That’s why I’ve put together “8 Scripture Cards to Replace Your Pain with His Promises” as a tool to help you embrace God’s joy and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Anytime an un-healthy thought comes to mind, replace it with the Scripture found underneath the word on the card that best describes how you’re feeling.

Place these cards where you can see them every day. On your bathroom mirror, in the car or next to the coffee pot!

Each day is a new opportunity. And today you can make the choice to replace your pain with His promises.

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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