Speaking Shalom to Your Soul

Speaking Shalom to Your Soul GraphicOur path to peace can get really bumpy when it’s laced with life’s inevitable ups and downs. One second it feels like we've got it all together — the next, we're hectically trying to pick up the pieces.

We don't like to admit when our lives feel out of control. We want to act like we've got it all together, even if we’re falling apart on the inside.

But God doesn't want us to have to pretend. He has called us to a life of freedom, and He wants you to experience an overwhelming sense of peace — not chaos.

That's why author Jennifer Rothschild created Speaking Shalom to Your Soul: Clearing Your Path to Peace in the Middle of Chaos. She knows what it feels like to desperately need His peace. And she wants you to experience the comfort of Jesus no matter what your chaotic circumstance may be.

We pray whatever is blocking you from His peace would lose its power over your life in Jesus' name!

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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