Consider This: A Scriptural Guide to Confront Your Fear of Death

Consider This


Have you ever found yourself asking hard questions about death, dying and eternity? Maybe you have fears around these things for yourself and for your loved ones. Even if you’re not talking over coffee with a friend about this, I think if we’re honest, we all have unresolved questions and lingering thoughts in the back of our minds that, left unattended to, really keep us wrapped up in fear. Things like:

What happens to us when we die?
Are heaven and hell real places?
Why would God allow people to die so young?
Is it wrong that I feel afraid to die?
What will heaven really be like and will I actually enjoy being there?

We understand that these can feel like scary topics to process, but we also know there is overwhelming evidence in the Bible of God’s faithfulness even in death for believers. And we want to help you process these questions using the truths in Scripture rather than our own fears and assumptions. That’s why we created Consider This: A Scriptural Guide to Confront Your Fear of Death.

This guide will help you:

  • Dig into what God’s Word says so you can confront your fear of death.
  • Start having healthy conversations with the people you love about an important, biblical topic instead of shying away from it.
  • Answer some questions surrounding death, while still wrestling through the gaps of what doesn’t make sense on this side of eternity.

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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