“'I’ll Go First': A Conversation Guide for Friends Who Want Healthier Mindsets"

In our heads is a lonely place to be, but why does it feel so crowded?

When our thoughts are swirling and the enemy is whispering lies to us, we can start to wonder if they are actually true. 

Am I really all the negative things I think I am? Is everything I fear actually going to happen? 

We all want to live with healthier mindsets. We want minds set on God — minds that are free. And it’s okay if we need help to get there. In fact, we do need each other to get there. There is a war in our minds, but we can’t fight it alone. 

It’s easy to keep our thoughts to ourselves, but they lose their power when we say them out loud. 

Sometimes we need a friend to ask more than just, “How are you?” And sometimes we need to be the one who says, “I’ll go first.” 

Whether you are struggling with your thoughts or you are a friend walking with someone who is struggling, we hope this conversation guide will give you somewhere to begin fighting those toxic thoughts and working towards healthier mindsets together.


Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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