A Guide to Sharing the Gospel: How To Talk About Your Faith When You Feel Uncertain, Unprepared and Uncomfortable

As we gather around the table for holiday meals with friends and family, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to open up and talk about our faith with them.

What if I say the wrong thing or hurt someone's feelings? What if they ask a question I don’t know the answer to? How can I talk about my relationship with God without sounding weird or overbearing?

That’s why we put together a guide to help you overcome these obstacles and make talking about Jesus feel simple and exciting again. This resource will help you:

  • Learn a simplified framework of what the gospel is and what it means, so you can walk confidently into conversations with loved ones or even strangers.
  • Get more comfortable talking about what Jesus has done in your life personally; we’ve provided conversation starters to bypass the awkwardness and alleviate the pressure.
  • Stay encouraged and motivated to keep trying when the conversation doesn’t go the way you expected or the way you want it to.



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