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December 15, 2017
5 Habits Online Bible Study

Hey! Stacy Lowe back with you again sharing … what wasn’t exactly my finest moment.

I was on the interstate recently, headed to my nephew’s baseball game 25 miles away, when my gas light came on. No big deal, though. Well, at least until just a few miles from my destination when the 9 miles left on my tank of gas dropped straight down to ZERO:


I turned the music down (because, of course, that would give my gas-deprived car the umph it needed to keep going) and prayed. OH, how I prayed!

You see, I’d known from the time I left that afternoon I should stop for gas, but knowing it was cheaper at my destination, I was content to wait. When the tank hit zero, though, fearful of becoming THAT person sputtering to a stop in the middle of rush hour traffic, price no longer mattered. I might have started off looking for a bargain, but at that moment I would’ve paid anything because I. was. DESPERATE.

Have you felt that level of desperation before? Are you maybe feeling it now? If so, then Habit #5 is for you:

She moves forward in faith.

I know I should’ve filled up before leaving town, but it just didn’t seem important enough at the time to add the necessary footwork. It wasn’t until I was desperate that I was suddenly willing to do anything to make it happen.

Sometimes desperate is exactly where we need to be, to do what it takes to see our mountains moved.Because when we’re desperate to hold on, when we’re desperate for God to see us through, then we’re willing to follow Him forward, no matter the cost.

Faith isn’t always easy. But if we want to be women God and others can count on to not quit, it’s a must.

So I ask: Are you desperate enough to step out in faith today? Are you desperate enough to take one more lap around that mountain to see it moved?

P.S. Oh, and that day my tank was on empty?  #CoastedInOnFumesAndAPrayer

Reflect and Respond:

Observe — Where in your life is God calling you to take another lap around the mountain? Are you willing to do it?
Bible — I absolutely love the Faith Hall of Fame found in Hebrews 11! Which of these “by faith” statements resonates with you most and why?
Stretch —What’s one action step you can take today to move forward in faith?

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