General Information

You can sign up for our current study by clicking here and clicking the red “sign up now” button. A form will pop up asking a few questions; fill it out and click “sign up.” Then, check your inbox for a confirmation email from Melissa and Kendra.

The study takes place on our P31 Online Bible Studies blog. You can access the blog by clicking here and follow the "Go to Study Blog" link.

Helpful tip: Bookmark this link so you can find it easily.

Studying with us is free. We do ask you purchase the book we are studying. You can find the book by clicking here.

You will need access to your email/internet as all of the blog posts come straight to your inbox. You will also need a copy of the book we are studying. You can find the book by clicking here. We also suggest having a Bible.

The blog is where the study takes place. There will be a few blog posts per week. If you are signed up for the study, you will get every blog post in your inbox. You can find the blog schedule by downloading our Week at a Glance resource. This resource is located in your weekly emails.

Yes! We have a few of our past studies on our website. You can walk through these studies at your own pace. Here’s a list of our past studies.

The Bible Study Companion is a resource the P31 Online Bible Studies team writes to take the biblical content mentioned in the book a bit deeper. It’s an optional (free) resource for you. This resource will be emailed to you and available on our blog weekly. 

For our blog posts and social media, we post in Eastern Time (ET).

Yes, we do have a few video elements for each study.

Please note: Each video has closed captioning.

During this study, we have OBS videos. The OBS videos, which are included in the Monday blog posts, intro each week of study. These are always available, even after the study is over.  

You do not need to read before the study starts. On the first day of study, we will guide you through what you should read each day. We also offer a suggested reading plan. You can find it in our Study at a Glance resource.

Community Options

You do NOT need to have Facebook to participate in the study, but it is encouraged. Our small groups are hosted on Facebook and many of our online events take place on Facebook. We also do Facebook Live videos, OBS Today on Mondays at 9 a.m ET. 

A small group is approximately 20-22 women who are studying together. Each group is led by a Proverbs 31 trained small group leader. These small groups are hosted on Facebook so you would need a Facebook account to participate in this option. Also, after each study ends, the group is shut down.

Please note: Small groups do fill up quickly and there are no small groups during our summer studies. Click here to find out more information.

To sign up for a small group, click here.

The week before the study starts, you will receive an email with your group number and group leader. 

If you are not placed in a small group, you will be placed on a waitlist. You will know if you’re on the waitlist the Wednesday before the study.

A small group waitlist is a list of women who did not get access to a small group due to the number of participants/groups. This waitlist will receive priority information for the next study.

The Facebook Community Group is open to anyone who is studying with us. It’s a large “small” group. This group is led by a trained Proverbs 31 leader. Here you’ll get community, encouragement and accountability.  After the study ends, this group is shut down.

A small group is approximately 20-22 women and is led by one trained volunteer. The community group can be anywhere between 300 - 1500 women and is led by two trained volunteers.

Social Media

We go live every Monday at 9 a.m. ET. for OBS Today.

Note: Depending on the week, these times may vary.

To join us during a “live” video, go to our Facebook page at 9 a.m. ET on Monday and scroll until you see the live video. This will be one of the first posts you see. Or you can turn on your notifications and be notified every time we go live.

If you miss a live, visit our Facebook videos by clicking here.

Find a live video, click the horizontal three dots on the top right-hand corner. Select “Turn on/off notifications for this post.” 


The Bible Study Companion is a resource P31 OBS writes to take the biblical content mentioned in the book a bit deeper. It’s an optional (free) resource for you. It will be emailed out every Wednesday during the study.

The Study at a Glance resource is a suggested study plan for you. It has a suggested reading guide and explains the blog posting schedule and when events will be, and is your one-stop shop for all things Online Bible Studies. You can access the Study at a Glance on the blog, it is included in every post through the study.

If you're having trouble accessing this resource on your phone or desktop, you may find this resource in your downloads folder or at the bottom lefthand corner of your web page. 


You can find all you need in our bookstore. Click here to access the Online Bible Studies resources and materials.

Thank you for purchasing your books from our bookstore. An email with your tracking information was sent to the email address used for your purchase.

Please note: It takes 5-8 business days for your book to arrive if you have selected standard shipping. Shipping to international addresses can take up to 6 weeks to arrive depending on the country. If you still need help locating your book, please complete this form.

To ensure you receive our emails, add to your contact list.  You can do this by finding an OBS email and Mouse over "P31 Online Bible Studies" in your inbox. A pop up will show a few options. Select "Add to Contacts".

If you are not receiving your emails, first, please check your spam and/or promotions folder. If you still don’t see it, locate an old Proverbs email, scroll down and select “edit email preferences.” Please check “Online Bible Studies” and then click “Update Email Preferences.”

If you still don’t receive any emails, you can access all the blog posts by clicking here. Or please fill out this form.

If you have another question, please fill out this form. A Proverbs 31 representative will answer your question within two business days.

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