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Staying Open to the Movement of God

December 15, 2017
5 Habits Online Bible Study

Congratulations! We made it through two of the five habits of the woman who doesn’t quit! And just look at us - we haven’t quit! Whoo hoo!

We accepted our assignments of refinement. We are working on following through despite how we feel. And now it’s time for Habit Three:

She stays open to the movement of God.

While staying open to the movement of God sounds amazing, I must admit — I’m a planner. I make my plans and I like them to work out. I’m excited about this week’s reading because I know this is an area where I have room for improvement. Especially because I really do want to become a woman who doesn’t quit!

OK, let’s get on with Week 3!

This week, there’s a fire on the farm! Oh my! Let’s check it out in this week’s video:

If you can’t view the video above, watch it here on YouTube.

Our Verse of the Week is the perfect word from God, as we work on this week’s habit.

Like I said earlier, I like my plans to work out. But I want to learn to stay open to the movement of God. This verse lets me know it’s HIS plans that will prevail. And I do NOT want to get in the way of the Lord’s plans!

Don’t forget to use your Weekly Lowdown. It has EVERYTHING you need for this week of study, including our P31 OBS Journal!

Weekly Lowdown

Your P31 OBS Leaders have another great week planned for you! Leading you on the blog this week, we have these sweet and wonderful leaders: Melissa Taylor, Kendra Schwarz and Steph Raquel. 

Don’t you just love our leaders? We’re so blessed!

Let’s get started on Week 3!

Reflect and Respond:

Observe — In the video, and in our reading this week, we learn of a “Pinterest fail” for Nicki. She had a great plan to prepare her garden for planting, but it literally blew up in smoke! Have you ever planned something that didn’t quite go how you planned? How did you respond?
Bible — I mentioned in this post that I like my plans. That could potentially get in the way of me getting through Habit Three. How can this week’s verse help us stay open to the movement of God?
Stretch — Go to your P31 OBS Journal and fill out the blanks for today. What are your takeaways from the video? What’s one thing you want to finish this week? What’s your no-quitting prayer?

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