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Why Did God Allow This?

April 30, 2019

Hey, there!

My name is Kendra and I have the honor of being a part of the Online Bible Studies team, and to share with you a big announcement we have for you today. But before we get into the announcement (which I think you’re going to love) we’re going to take a walk down memory lane to the year 2011.

Do you remember 2011? What were you doing? I was finishing up my first year of college. I was on a one-track mindset to finish my exams and get ready for whatever the summer had in store.

Senior Director, Melissa Taylor, was gearing up to do an OBS, on the book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story by Wendy Blight. The book shares Wendy's story of a traumatic experience she went through in college. It shows the transformation of her life through time, prayer, Scripture and wrestling through the “why did God allow this?” question.

Here at Proverbs 31, we truly believe that the Truth of God’s Word can change everything. And we want it to change you too. We saw the transformations that happened through doing the Hidden Joy study in 2011, and we believe it will happen again. So, beginning June 17, we will be studying Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner for the second time, and we want to personally invite you to study right alongside us.


We hope to see you there,

Let’s Chat:

First, what were you doing back in 2011? Were you in college like me? Maybe you had your first kid or grandkid? Or maybe you were on a trip somewhere fun and tropical? I’d love to know! Second, do you plan to join us for this summer study? Let us know by simply commenting, “I’m signed up!”

Remember, every time you comment on the blog this week, you’ll be entered in this week’s giveaway!

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