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We all need this message

June 14, 2019
OBS_HiddenJoy_Graphic_Small Hey friend!

Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner begins this Monday, June 17, and we can’t wait to study with you. Our team believes this next study is for every woman, because we all have our own dark corners no matter what season of life we’re in.

For Wendy, it was fear.

For you, as a mom, it could be the anxiety of raising your child in a hurting world.

For you, as a single woman, it may be doubt about meeting someone.

For you, as an empty nester, it might be the stress of navigating a new normal.

Do you know of a friend who could use this message? Someone you could invite to do this study alongside you? We would love to have as many ladies as possible study with us over these next few weeks. Because we believe this message is truly going to change lives all around the world. Plus, Bible study is always more fun with friends!

Through this study, we are going to be brave enough to confront our deepest fears and darkest corners. Together, through the power of God’s Word, we are going to conquer them.

Because the truth is, we all need this message.

We would love for you to invite a friend or two, or 12, to study with us! You can share this blog or pass along the sign-up link ( ). Let’s make this a chain reaction, so we can all walk in freedom together!


We can’t wait to start studying with you and your friends,

The P31 OBS Team



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