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Merging Our Story With His {Bible Study Companion}

June 19, 2019
"God’s love and His Word set my heart free." - Wendy Blight  #HiddenJoyBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 1 #P31OBS

Well, hello again. I’m happy you’re back! Today we have your first Bible Study Companion. But before we dig in, I want to chat with you about why we’re here.

On Monday, I felt led to begin by affirming you are meant to be here. But I’m not the only one who believes that. In this week’s reading of Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, Wendy Blight shares 4 reasons for God leading you to choose her book (reasons why you’re meant to be here):

Because God has…

  1. A personal message for you
  2. Powerful truths to teach you
  3. Amazing love to reveal to you
  4. Everlasting hope to offer you

Which of these is your heart yearning for?

In this week’s reading, Wendy also shares the story of her rape, writing: “It stole my every hope and dream. But God’s love and His Word set my heart free.”

Have you felt your personal loss, hurt or trial has stolen something from you?
Did you catch what Wendy credited for setting her heart free?

God’s love and His Word are where our freedom is found! And that’s what this study and the Bible Study Companions are all about — digging into God’s Word to plant deeply in our hearts the seeds of His love and Truth. Let’s begin to take that step now by downloading and digging into this week’s Bible Study Companion.


Looking forward to connecting with you there and in the comments!

Reflect and Respond:

Of the 4 reasons Wendy shares for God leading you here, which does your heart yearn for most and why?

Don’t forget, all comments will be entered into this week’s giveaway (listed in the Week at a Glance). AND ... Wendy Blight herself will be on the blog with you this Friday!

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