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We Can Rely on God {Week 3}

November 27, 2023

Hi, there! I hope you enjoyed our study break last week. It was much needed, yes? Now let's pick up where we left off and continue reading through Pointing to the Promise. Week 3 will further anchor you and me in peace and Truth. We'll be studying about God's faithfulness. So let's get to it! 

What to do this week:

Complete Week 3, Days 11-15 in Pointing to the Promise.
Answer today’s Moment of Reflection question (see below).
Read the wrap-up letter sent by email on Friday.

Moment of Reflection: 

This week, Kayla will help us trace God's faithfulness to Jesus’ mother, Mary, and to Zechariah. It never gets old to realize that you and I can always rely on God, even when He can't rely on us. Think about that for a minute. How does it feel to know that even if you mess up or don't listen, God will still be there for you? 

Feel free to come back and share below any thoughts or insights you have throughout the week!

Freebie of the Week:

I know, I know. You're ready to find out about your freebie this week. (And I don't blame you. I love freebies too!) Since December is just around the corner now, please enjoy this Spotify playlist of Christmas songs that praise Jesus our Savior! 

Prayer to get you through this week:

Lord Jesus, please draw close to me as I study this week. Help me to notice in Scripture where You've been faithful to others. Remind me that what You've done for them, You can do for me too. I want my trust in You to grow deeper. I want to rest, knowing that I can rely on You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Can't wait to chat more on Friday!


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