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If God Is Faithful, Then … {Week 3}

December 1, 2023

Hello again. So glad you came back to chat with me. All week long, you and I have studied about how God is faithful. In fact, Jesus is proof that God keeps His promises. And that's why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus came to save us!

Now check this out. I often jot down notes about what we're learning. Look at what I wrote this past week: If God is faithful, then I can wait with expectation on Him. 

Waiting with expectation is different from what I usually do when I have to wait. So I'm surprised (but thankful!) I wrote this. Panicking, worrying, and trying to quickly figure it out on my own — these are my go-to reactions. But waiting with expectation? That means even if it takes a while and looks impossible, I'm excited as I wait. Why? Because I know somehow, someway, Jesus will help. 

We can endure a lot if we know in the end, God has it all figured out and it's for a bigger purpose, can't we?

My point is this: This season doesn't have to be busy, distracting and draining. It can be full. Full of gratitude that Jesus came. Full of awe for who He is. Full of excitement that He will continue to do what He said He'd do. Amen!

Blessings to you, friend!


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