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Find Jesus, Find Joy {Week 5}

December 11, 2023

Hi, friend! Wow, today we start Week 5 of Pointing to the Promise. And it's been a powerful study so far, hasn't it? Truth be told, I learn or understand a little more every time I read about Jesus' birth. I pray you do too. So let's keep going! Joy is this week's focus. Spoiler alert: Joy is found only in Jesus. 

What To Do This Week:

Complete Week 5, Days 21-25 in Pointing to the Promise.
Answer today's Moment of Reflection question (see below).
Read the wrap-up message you'll receive by email on Friday. 

Moment of Reflection: 

Who or what have you relied on to bring you joy? What were some emotions you felt after the instant gratification wore off?

*Feel free to come back and share below any thoughts or insights you have throughout the week!

Freebie of the Week:

This week, I'd like to share these journal prompts with you. It is my prayer that answering these questions will spark you to draw closer to Jesus. If you don't journal regularly or at all, that's OK. You can always talk about your answers with a friend or write them down in your study book.

Prayer To Get You Through This Week:

Heavenly Father, this week we're studying about joy, and I wonder: Am I unknowingly looking to something or someone else for it? Please show me if I am. Show me more of who You are. Teach me deeper truths about Your birth. Fill me with more of You and Your real, lasting joy. In Jesus' name, amen.

Can't wait to share more with you on Friday!


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